Final Numbers for the Weekend Shitshow that is Chiraq has the latest numbers on the violent weekend just ended.

Shot and killed: 8

Shot and wounded: 37

Total homicides: 8

Yearly totals to date:

Shot and killed: 75

Shot and wounded: 387

Total homicides: 94

Take a look at the numbers kidz. What do you see here? I’ll tell you what I see. If it was not for CFD EMS and the nurses and docs at the trauma centers, the homicides numbers would more closely match the number of shootings. I have been in the middle of this shitshow (HeyJackass’s words not mine) and I know what it takes to do this kind of strong ass work. Fine job ladies and gentlemen. Stay safe. Going to cool off for a little while. Hope you get a break.

Marty Prieb’s “Crooked City”

A couple of weeks ago I finished a book that was written by CPD officer Marty Prieb. He works up on the north side. The book documents the so-called ” Anthony Porter Case”. For those of you not familiar with the case, it involves a double homicide that occurred in 1982 in Washington Park, which is not far from the University of Chicago.

I sat down to read this book one evening, settling in with my wife Mary who was reading another book. After about 10 pages I had to put the book down. I was literally shaking. Mary noticed and asked “what’s up”. The opening  pages described a quadruple homicide and rape of a 3-year-old boy in the Rockwell Gardens CHA project. As I read I realized that Officer Prieb was describing a crime that was very familiar to me. I was the first official in the door at that crime scene. It was one of the most horrendous scenes I had ever been to and that is saying a lot. I had it buried deep in my subconscious until I began reading “Crooked City”. I assumed that whoever had done this was caught and justice would be served. I was wrong. The offender in this case was caught immediately and was tried and convicted only to have his conviction thrown out at the appellate level. This man went on to murder again up in Wisconsin.

The opening story of the book sets the stage for the Porter Case. Without getting into it too much, CPD investigated the double homicide and arrested the offender. He was convicted and sent to death row. That is when the “Innocence Project” from Northwestern University became involved. This project used journalism students to “investigate” homicides. Their working premise was that CPD investigators were crooked and were sending innocent men to prison. As it appears now, it was the Innocence Project that had an honesty problem.

The Innocence Project was led by a professor David Protess. He is no longer employed by Northwestern University because he was fired by the university. Officer Prieb documents how the Innocence Project went about getting Anthony Porter off. It is a story that has to be read to be believed. Officer Prieb has spent many hours pouring over court documents, arrest reports,interviewing the investigating detectives and others involved to write his book. To say that these cases took over his waking hours is an understatement.

I urge you all to read Crooked City. There is another story here that has never seen the light of day and needs to come out. Innocence Project was aided by our local media. Media who took what Innocence Project said as the Gospel truth and went with the story without doing any investigating on their own. There was very little journalism involved in running with this story. Media hacks in the Chicago Tribune, who still work there now, and the TV news media not only did not do their jobs but were complicit in getting a guilty man off and sending an innocent man to prison where he remains to this day. This week Channel 7 ran a piece on the case which investigators are looking once again at what happened. Once again, they try to make it look like Porter is a victim. And so it goes.

I have spoken with Officer Prieb about the run at Rockwell Gardens. It turns out that I am the only one who was there that he was able to speak with about that day. He has used his research to recreate the scene and has done a remarkable job doing so. He is a quirky writer, amusing to read at times.  The story progresses from the Rockwell Gardens homicides through the Porter case and meanders like a river through these events. This is an important story that needs to be brought out. These events actually explain some of the events that put John Burge behind bars. We all think we know what is going on in our little corner of the world. However, if we get our daily news from the Sun Times, the Tribune, the local TV news then we are all being left in the dark on many things. Officer Prieb has removed the veil so that we can see deeper into this world. It is not a pretty sight. Fine job Marty. Fine job indeed.