Happy New Year

It has been a long time since I have posted anything and I am sorry. It has been a crazy year. I recovered from a 99% blocked right coronary artery in June and it kind of took me back for a while. I was shocked as I am a very compliant patient and my numbers always have come back good from the blood tests. My first bout of this was over 20 years ago and it scared me but good. Anyway, everything is good now….I think. Another grandchild makes 4 and another coming this June. Good stuff. I am now a playing member of the CFD Pipes and Drums. A snare (side) drummer. I am not smart enough to play the pipes. This keeps me involved with the CFD and in the loop.
As for the CFD, lots of changes this year. BLS ambos are gone….good. And they have been replaced by ALS rigs….even better. There have been the usual growing pains due to manpower issues. Some say lack of management foresight. Could that be? Nah. New uniforms are in. The candidates can be identified by their light blue shirts. A new contract in effect and as of 1/1/15 changes in the health insurance. Some members were taken by surprise. Read whatever the city sends you. The cops have the same thing.
So far this winter has been mild, unlike last year. We shall see if it continues. Stay safe, make sure your 2-11 bags are stocked with whatever you think you need. An extra alarm fire at 1am is no time to find out you don’t have a change of socks, underwear, pants, extra gloves, whatever. As usual, watch out for each other. New kids on the job now, going through their first year as firefighters and medics. Take em by the hand and lead.
I hope to post much more this year between all of the other stuff I am doing with my life. Email me anything you want to hear about. It is tough to stay connected with the job when you retire. I would love to hear from any of you. Stay safe. Steve

Final Numbers for the Weekend Shitshow that is Chiraq

HeyJackass.com has the latest numbers on the violent weekend just ended.

Shot and killed: 8

Shot and wounded: 37

Total homicides: 8

Yearly totals to date:

Shot and killed: 75

Shot and wounded: 387

Total homicides: 94

Take a look at the numbers kidz. What do you see here? I’ll tell you what I see. If it was not for CFD EMS and the nurses and docs at the trauma centers, the homicides numbers would more closely match the number of shootings. I have been in the middle of this shitshow (HeyJackass’s words not mine) and I know what it takes to do this kind of strong ass work. Fine job ladies and gentlemen. Stay safe. Going to cool off for a little while. Hope you get a break.